use screws in smart siding

SmartSide Panels on shed - screw or nail? - Canadian

Oct 13, 2011& 0183;& 32;Some of the panels have a mind of their own and the screws pulled them tight. I use the Yankee method of a tap with the hammer to start the screws. The nice thing about screws is if you don't get the lap joint right you can re screw.

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Easy Tips for Inserting Screws into Vinyl Siding

It’s the perfect choice for a clean, smart, and classic look that will last a lifetime. However, the real challenge lies in installing it. In order to install any kind of siding, screws are a necessary tool. In fact, it’s tough to find a project that ...

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What Type of Screws to Use on HardiePlank? Hunker

OverviewUseSafetyHardiePlank or HardiPlank is a composite siding material used in lieu of traditional wood siding. HardiePlank also trims windows, fascia, columns and a home's additional decorative exterior trim areas. The manufacturer produces different HardiePlank products called HardiZone for use in arid, tropical and humid climates, as well as cold and hurricane-prone environments. HardiePlank has a 15-year product warranty. Installatio…在hunker.com上查看更多信息缺失:& 32;smart siding必须包含:& 32;smart siding

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can i use screws for smart side siding

LP SmartSide Stucco Smooth Panel Installation does not recommend LP SmartSide for use in these non-tradi- tional assemblies Precision Series 38 Series and 76 Series panel siding must be installed on 16 in. screws with a bugle-head that has a minimum head diameter of 0.292 inch.

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can you install smart siding with screws

14/10/2019 and 0183; and 32;The question is "Can you use screws instead of nails on LP smart Siding. " After not seeing any intelligent answers to this question I called LP Louisiana Pacific as there is no mention of screws in the literature. YES- you can use screws, just be sure they. Get Price

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Can You Screw T1-11 Siding? Hunker

Jul 17, 2017& 0183;& 32;Screwing. Screws can be used to attach the panels, but the materials cost is greater. Screw heads need to be sunk in enough so that they can be covered with a protective compound and painted over, making them disappear. A professional-grade screw gun for decks work well in applying the T1-11 to the studs.

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Proper screws for vinyl siding - JLC-Online Forums

Jun 29, 2007& 0183;& 32;If you gotta screw it use 1 5/8 construction screws. Longer if need be. The problem with screws is the heads are not big enough. Sometimes the siding will pop loose because the head of the screw pulled through. Plus if your screws are not set right they …

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Nails for LP Smartsiding - Fine Homebuilding

Jun 16, 2013& 0183;& 32;I am siding my brothers house and am using 3/8 LP Smartside for the first time. What nails are people using? Do they need to be stainless steel expensive , ringshank or I have even heard of contractor using roofing nails. Also what length? The web site says 8d. If anyone has put this siding up I would like your real world experience.

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